Landlord and Tenant law lawyer in Jaipur

An alliance between two individuals arising from an agreement by which one individual inhabited the other's real property with permission, subject matter to a rental fee.

The term landlord cites a person who owns the property and allows another person to use it for a fee. The person who makes use of the property is called a tenant. The acceptance between a landlord and a tenant is called a lease or rental agreement.

But what are we supposed to do when some problems or issues arise between the landlord and tenant or whom we are going to contact for consultancy or help? 

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There are a lot of  disputes between landlords and tenants over rent payment, property damage, the return of security deposits, repair and maintenance of facilities, etc

In General, a landlord and tenant relationship exist if:

(1) the property owner consents to the residence of the premises;

(2) the tenant admits that the owner has title to the property and future interest in the property; 

(3) the owner literally has title to the property; 

(4) the tenant obtain a limited right to use the property; 

(5) the owner transfers possession and control of the property to the tenant, and 

(6) a contract to rent persist between the parties

Landlord-tenant disputes are an example of repeated complaints that can become unmanageable and flood courtrooms. These disputes often become unpleasant or nasty because the tenant depends on a place to live and the landlord depends on their rental income. However, their mutual interest in the tenant staying in the house can also be a platform for the two parties to hold out an agreement.

Settling down the dispute

Practitioners argue that many landlord-tenant disputes can be kept away by the open presentation and both landlords and tenants know their rights and responsibilities. They suggest that the parties try not to assign accountability and instead focus on negotiating a solution. They also suggest putting all the complaints and agreements in writing. Document phone conversations about the issue as well.

If the dispute doesn’t come to an end, parties can go to the local housing agency, the local district attorney's office, or the local tenant association or rental housing association. Parties also may want to look into its arbitration. There are community dispute resolution centers all over the country that will help to intercede landlord-tenant conflicts, often for free. In some places, arbitration is required before going to court. This saves costs for all parties: the landlord, the tenant, and the state, which has to pay an extra amount if welfare tenants are expelled and have to be moved to an expensive lodge. However, others argue that tenants are at a disadvantage both in court and in arbitration because some landlords are more experienced and can afford better representation than most tenants. Some also worry that arbitration is hard to evaluate because it is confidential. As a last resort, parties should take their dispute to small-claims court, and for that, The Legal Court is providing the best services or facilities for both: the tenant and landlord.

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