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Education litigation means prosecuting for the protection of the basic fundamental right which is provided under the Constitution of India i.e. right to education. The constitution provides free and compulsory education to children between the ages of 6 to 14 under article 21-A

The law governing education is the Right to Education Act which imposes certain principles and guidelines to provide free and compulsory education to a child who shall not be required to pay fees at the appropriate school. 

Compulsory education obliges the government to provide admission or enrollment and completion of elementary school for the child irrespective of his caste, religion, or sex. 

The education act also provides for a survey to identify the child requiring education and monitor the neighborhood and provide services for the same. It also provides for the implementation of curriculum activities for developing other skills.

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Free education also implements provisions regarding the supply of textbooks, uniforms, sanitary items, and all other basic educational items for the child falling under the category. Act also provides for the penal provision in case of infringement of the law. 

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We are the guardian of society and knows the value of education for each child. We have been providing services to clients with respect to non-observance of educational law. Our lawyers are well versed in the laws and rights of the citizen.

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