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Land conversion is a process of converting agricultural land to non-agricultural land in Rajasthan. As per conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural use in Rural Areas Rules, 1992, agricultural land in Rajasthan can be converted for residential, commercial purposes such as trade or commerce or business purposes only by taking earlier permission from the competent authority in the state Government. 

Purpose of Land Conversion in Rajasthan

According to the Government Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act, 1976, agriculture land in Rajasthan can be converted for the following purposes:

  1. Residential

  2. Commercial

  3. Industrial area

  4. Medical facilities

  5. Salt manufacturing

  6. Public utility

Lands Not Covered Under Land Conversion Rules

No permission is granted for conversion of the following lands in Rajasthan:

  • No permission will be given for conversion of land which is under acquisition under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894

  • If the land is falling within the boundary limit of any railway line, state highway, national highway or any other road maintained by the Central or State Government, such land cannot be converted

  • Lands falling within the radius of 1 km of the outer limit of abadi of the village for an industrial unit or lime kiln or an industrial area cannot be converted

Documents Required for Land Conversion in Rajasthan

  • Self-attested copy of Jamabandi

  • Self-attested copy of Revenue map showing the land sought to be converted in the red link

  • In case of a residential colony or industrial area, layout plan to be submitted

  • Details of trees in proposed land – How many trees standing and how many of trees likely to be removed

  • Self-affidavit stating that ready for planting three trees instead of one tree

  • Copy of challan

  • Details regarding the purpose of conversion

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