What is a Court Marriage in Jaipur

Unlike a regularly social solemnized marriage, Court Marriage in Jaipur, Rajasthan is an economical and hassle-free alternative that lets couples from a different nationality, religion, and caste to solemnize and register their union through a simple court procedure which is carried out in the presence of a marriage registrar and 3 witnesses.

Who needs a court marriage in Jaipur?

Individuals looking to tie a knot under the Special Marriage Act can opt for court marriages in jaipur to legalize their court marriage in an economical and hassle-free manner.

Conditions for Court Marriage in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Under Section 4 of The Special Marriage Act in India, the following rules are listed for court marriages in India:

1. The parties must meet the necessary rules & conditions as listed in the act before signing the Civil Marriage Contract.

2.Neither of the parties shouldn't already be in a marriage with someone while applying for the court marriage. If the previous spouse is dead or divorced, then the court marriage can be obtained.

3. The parties entering the court marriage procedure in jaipur must be doing so at their own free will i.e. there should be no pressure made on them for doing the same and neither of the parties should be of an unsound mind while entering into the procedure of court marriage.

4. Court marriage in jaipur can only take place if both the bride and groom are of age as legally accepted in India government i.e. for the bride it should be 18 years and above and for the groom it should be 21 years and above.

5. The parties to the marriage should not fall within the degree of prohibited relationship.

Consult a Professional Lawyer

A matrimony lawyer will be your best bet to go ahead with the court marriage procedure in Jaipur. A professional lawyer would know how to fill the form and take a date thus making the process smooth for you in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The legal Court allot you the best matrimony lawyer in jaipur. Call Now at 0141-4455144

What is the procedure of court marriage in jaipur

Drafting of notice of intention to marry in Jaipur

Draft legal notice of intended marriage shall be prepared on your behalf. 

Selection of Jurisdiction/Place of marriage

You will then be required to select the jurisdiction / court of where you want to get your marriage solemnized in Rajasthan. 

Final documentation check

The Legal Court’s matrimony lawyer in jaipur will set up a mutually convenient time for you, your partner and the three witnesses to meet at the office of the marriage registrar to conduct a final check of documentation. Upon finalization, legal Notice of intended marriage will be filed. 

Publication of notice and invitations for objections

The court marriage officer will publish the legal notice and invite objections to the intended court marriage within 30 days of publication. 

Objections to marriage

In case an objection is raised in court marriage in jaipur, the court Marriage Officer will decide on the objections after giving the parties an opportunity to present their case. If the objections are found to be true, the court marriage in jaipur cannot be solemnized. 

Fixation of marriage date

In case of no objections or removal of objections after 30 days of legal Notice publication, based on a mutually convenient time, you and your partner along with the same three witnesses will appear before the court marriage officer to sign a declaration and get the court marriage in jaipur solemnized. 

Marriage certificate in Jaipur

After signing the declaration of court marriage in Jaipur, the court marriage officer will issue a court marriage certificate in jaipur. The court marriage certificate will have to be signed by the parties and three witnesses. Upon signing of the legal document, the court marriage certificate in jaipur will be issued to the couple.

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