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Notary advocates play an important role in the litigation system. A notary or notary public  is a public commissioned officer who signs the legal documents. Like affidavits, deads, trust etc. He is an impartial witness for authentication of the level documents to prevent fraud. In all litigation work , authentication of documents is necessary after signing of notary. The national notary association includes all the necessary information about the notary officer. The age of notary should not be less than 18 years . In every court there are various notary officers who are appointed by the government according to the notaries act,1952.

Work of notary Public in Jaipur Rajasthan

The signature of a notary is the bond between the authentication and legal document. Notary can refuse to sign if he finds any fraud in the legal document. Before authentication he requires the necessary things like photographs, age proof etc. he interacts with the clients about the documents. After asking a few questions, if he feels that all documents are true, he verifies all documents.  There are the following works of Notary.

  1. To variety, authenticate, certify or attest the document

  2. To administer oath to take an affidavit from any person

  3. To act as arbitrator, mediator or conciliator in some cases

  4. To translate and certify the translation of any legal document.

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